Red Sovine (1918-1980)



Overzicht van de 69 liedjes, die ik heb verzameld, allemaal als MP3

18 Wheels A Hummin' Home Sweet Home                                                                    

A Hard Road To Travel (1949)                                                                          

A Loveless Marriage (1952)                                                                            

A Mother's Love is A Blessing                                                                         

A Quarter's Worth Of Heartaches (1952)                                                                

A Tombstone Every Mile                                                                                

A Wound Time Can't Erase                                                                              

Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw                                                                   

Big Dipper (1950)                                                                                     

Big John                                                                                              

Billy Goat Boogie (1950)                                                                              

Blind Man in The Bleachers                                                                            

Bringing Mary Home                                                                                    

CB Savage                                                                                              

Christmas Alone (1949)                                                                                

Colorado Cool Aid                                                                                      

Daddy's Girl                                                                                          

Dear Mister Santa Claus (1950)                                                                         

Don't Worry (1951)                                                                                    

Farewell, So Long, Goodbye (1951)                                                                      

Fourflusher (1950)                                                                                    

Freightliner Fever                                                                                     

Gear Jammer & The Hobo                                                                                

Giddyup Go                                                                                             

Green Green Grass of Home                                                                             

Groovy Boy (1950)                                                                                     

Hitch Hiking Girl                                                                                     

I Didn't Jump The Fence                                                                               

I Dug My Daddy's Grave                                                                                

I Know You're Married But I Still Love You                                                            

I Wanted You For a Lifetime (1949)                                                                    

If You'll Be A Baby To Me (1952)                                                                      

I'll Worry You Out Of My Mind (1949)                                                                  

I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) (1952)                                               

I'm Only A Shoulder To Cry On (1949)                                                                   

It'd Surprise You (1952)                                                                              

It'll Come Back                                                                                       

Lay Down Sally                                                                                        

Lifetime To Regret (1949)                                                                             

Little Joe                                                                                            

Okey Dokey (1952)                                                                                     

Please Don't Let Me Love You (1949)                                                                   

Roses for Mama                                                                                         

Rubber Duck                                                                                           

Six Days On The Road                                                                                   

Sixteen Tons                                                                                          

Sundown Sue (1951)                                                                                     

Teddy Bear                                                                                            

Teddy Bears Last Ride                                                                                  

The Auctioneer                                                                                        

The Funeral                                                                                            

The Highway Patrol                                                                                    

The Intoxicated Rat (1950)                                                                             

The Last Goodbye                                                                                      

Till Today (1952)                                                                                     

Truck Driver Prayer                                                                                   

Truck Drivers Prayer                                                                                  

Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun                                                                            

Vietnam Deck of Cards                                                                                 

When I Get Rich (1950)                                                                                

Who's Lonely Now (1949)                                                                               

Why Pretend (1949)                                                                                     

You Ain't Gett'in Shit For Christmas                                                                  

You Taught Her How (1952)                                                                              

You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree Now (1949)                                                           

Red Sovine & Boxcar Willie - Sad Violins                                                                           

Red Sovine & Junior Brown - Nitro express                                                                          

Red Sovine & Kitty Welsh - A Dear John Letter                                                                      

Red Sovine & Minnie Pearl - Nobody's Business                                                                      

Red Sovine & Webb Pierce - Why Baby Why                                                                            

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